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A Hackathon is an event where people with diverse skills, interests and perspectives come together to solve problems. Participants usually form groups of 2 - 6 individuals, identify problems and generate solutions to a fleshed out concept, mock-up or prototyping stage.

Hackathons are all about creative problem solving with a customer-centric approach.

The Save One More Life Hackathon is a 48 hour event, starting on a Friday evening in March. Save One More Life is all about reimagining how technology and digital innovation can meaningfully impact road safety in New Zealand.

You don’t have to be a ‘hacker’, a programmer or a tech-lover to take part - all skill-sets are valuable!

this is my first hackathon. how do i get more information on what to expect?

Kerry Topp, our MC and a veteran of running Hackathons, ran a Hackfit 101 Training for participants. A recording of this one hour session is online here.


Oh, didn’t we mention? It’s free. The event is hosted by the NZ Transport Agency, and all food, supplies, and expertise is included. Just register online and come along.


In the interest of transparency, Hackathon registration is first in, first served. So just register online, and we'll confirm your participation via email in the day or two following. Once we reach our maximum number of participants, we will open a short waitlist. If your availability changes, please let us know so we can offer your spot to someone else!

WHAT Data, apis, resources & tech will i have access to?

Specifics can be found on our website here. There is information covering: Crash Data, Road Assets, Vehicle Data, Video Feeds & Webcam API, Traffic Road Events API, Live traffic data and travel times API, vehicle counts, speed and classification, weather data, social media feeds, traffic signal data...

There is more to come, so watch this space!

WHo owns the intellectual property generated?

You do. Each participating team owns the intellectual property they develop during the weekend.

am i allowed to bring pre-prepared code or technology?

You are allowed to use existing technology, including third party libraries, frameworks or your own pre-built code.

You will need to declare any code or technology you bring with you that is incorporated into your submission, including a description of its scope and functionality. Please note that the "Execution" criteria is assessed based on the work you produce during the weekend and not what you brought in. For example, bringing a complete codebase/project without further modification will not contribute towards the Execution criteria of your submission.


No, you don’t. You register as an individual, and teams are formed in the early stages of the weekend. Encourage friends and colleagues to register, too! If you already have an idea and a team of known associates forming, that's fine as well - just note down that you have the basis of a team on the registration form. And if you turn up and you know no one… well, we promise that won’t last long.

IS there a maximum team size?

We would recommend a team size of no more than 10, as it may become difficult to stay connected and work cohesively with more than this. An ideal team size would be 7 - 8 people, with a mix of skills (developers, designers, marketers, researchers and at least one person who loves pitching to a crowd). In our experience, the more diverse your team (in every aspect), the stronger your end solution.

We have capacity for a maximum of 15 teams, and - to keep things fair - no one can begin work until we are organised into 15 or less teams.

YOU provide work stations - how does that work?

Each team will have a booth onsite, either in the warehouse or office space. These are numbered, and those who pitch an idea during team formation first get first choice of booths.


The Hackathon will be held at 105 Cook Street, Auckland. To get here and back, we have some suggestions:

  • Download NZ Transport Agency's RideMate app to help you find make realtime choices on public transport, private or rideshare options.
  • If you are cycling, there are some options of fencing where you can lock your bike. If riding after dark, please make sure you have adequate safety gear and lights!
  • Get a ride with Uber. Uber have come to the party and are offering 2x $20 vouchers per user to or from our venue across Friday 16th - Sunday 18th March. Thanks guys! Coupon code to redeem this offer will be supplied the week of the Hackathon. Transport hack: pool together with other participants, share an Uber and you'll get more rides out of your Uber coupons!
  • There is no onsite parking at 105 Cook Street. If you are driving, please consider carpooling.
  • Eyegate have offered free parking to all attendees during the Hackathon weekend at Victory Convention Centre at 98 Beaumont Street, about 10 min walk from the venue. Enter and exit the carpark during the following times (outside of these times, you may be charged). The gates close at midnight, so you will not be able to access your car after that. Please exercise caution if walking to / from the carpark after dark or talk to NZTA if any concerns... better yet, use those free Uber codes!
    • Friday 3:30pm - 11:00pm
    • Saturday 6:30am - 11:00pm
    • Sunday 6:30am - 9:30pm
  • Nearby paid parking options include Union Street, Cook Street and The City Works Depot.

Is there childcare?

We would love to be able to provide the opportunity for all to be involved in this Hackathon, however we do need to work to certain constraints around venue, responsibilities and costing. 

What we are able to offer is a 3.5 hour window of time of supervision from a fully-registered primary school teacher. From 12.30pm - 4pm on Sunday afternoon during the Pitch Presentations, this is available to children over the age of 3 (provided there is a demand for this service). We hope this helps participants and their loved ones manage the time commitment of a 48-hour Hackathon. To take this up, you must email us in advance here.

We have a private area available onsite for breastfeeding throughout the weekend.


Yourself! A laptop and any other working equipment / electronics you’d like to have on hand. We’ll provide meals, workspace, and plenty of snacks, drinks, post-it notes, pens and the like.


NZ Transport Agency’s innovation zone - that’s 105 Cook Street, Auckland. We have a co-working style office, and a huge warehouse onsite too.


Yes! There's a whole swag of prizes. Here's the high level detail...

  • 1st Prize = $2,000, work with the Transport Agency to progress your idea, attend a hosted VIP lunch, trophies for the team, profile via website & media
  • 2nd Prize = $1,500, attend a hosted VIP lunch, trophies for the team, profile via website & media
  • 3rd Prize = $1,000, trophies for the team, profile via website & media.